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Saint Basil The Great Square Sticker


-4 inch matte vinyl sticker
-water and weather resistant, scratch-resistant
-perfect for water bottles, laptops, toolboxes, guitar cases, and more!

“ What then will you answer the Judge? You gorgeously array your walls, but do not clothe your fellow human being; you adorn horses, but turn away from the shameful plight of your brother or sister; you allow grain to rot in your barns, but do not feed those who are starving; you hide gold in the earth, but ignore the oppressed!”

I had to condense the quote in the artwork for the sake of space. But this is what Saint Basil the Great has to say about hoarding wealth and resources.

A much needed reminder as we enter a season of strikes and workers fighting for their daily bread.

The expert is taken from Saint Basil the Great on Social Justice from the Popular Patristics series by Saint Vladimir Seminary