Saint Panteleimon Sticker


- 3.5 x 4.5 inch matte vinyl sticker
- waterproof and scratch resistant
- perfect for water bottles, cases, laptops, desks, the streets, and more!

Unmercenary means one not motivated by financial gain

It is a title given to saints who did not accept money for good deeds or services.

One of the most well-known saints with this title is Saint Panteleimon. He became a physician and devoted his vocation to serving the poor and healing Christian prisoners. He was originally named Panteleimon (all things like a lion) but changed his name to Panteleimon (all-merciful) when he converted to Christianity. He was martyred around 305 A.D.

I was motivated to put a modern and very American (unfortunately) twist on Saint Panteleimon by my own experiences in life trying to make sense of health insurance and our healthcare system in general. Far too many people are in extreme medical debt or avoid getting much needed medical care because it would financially destroy them. May the Unmercenary Healers guide us to create a world where caring for one’s health is not a life-shattering situation.