Tattoo Pass

  • Tattoo Pass

This tattoo pass is for permission to use ONE (1) of my designs as a tattoo. Please include the design name when purchasing the tattoo pass.

This tattoo pass is for permission to get my design tattooed on your body. You may not replicate the design for commercial or personal use. I do not give permission to the tattoo artist to use my design outside of the terms written in this tattoo pass. Ex) Offering my design as their own or tattooing the design on others without my consent.

I will provide a low resolution jpeg of the design through email after a tattoo pass order has been placed.

Please feel free to tag me @artofmarza on Instagram or Twitter. I would love to see your tattoo! I am so touched that people want my designs on them in a permanent way. God bless.

Please select TATTOO PASS NO SHIPPING as the shipping option.