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Theotokos, Save Gaza, Save Palestine

  • Theotokos, Save Gaza, Save Palestine

*Half of all proceeds will go to Care for Gaza which is sourcing and providing food for displaced Palestinians in Gaza.*

Most Holy Theotokos, save Gaza! Save Palestine!

3 inch die cut gloss vinyl stickers

This was inspired by a few things:

Our Lady Who Brings Down Walls by Ian Knowles (second slide) which is an icon of the Theotokos painted on the apartheid wall separating Bethlehem in the West Bank from Jerusalem.

The Protection of the Theotokos and the Softener of Evil Hearts were also inspirations for this piece. IDF missiles replace swords and the Theotokos watches over the olive trees, which are an important crop and symbol to Palestine. She holds watermelon slices, a symbol of Palestinian resistance to suppression.